Winter 2018-2019

The two single paintings are oil on canvas. roughly about 47″ x 52″.

The diptych it is about 52″h x 100″wide, oil over collage sealed with acrylic medium.

Demi Portfolio #1

I have these smaller collage works available. They are from about 14″h x 7″ w (the left) down to 4.5″h x 6″ w ( right).

the others are book covers with collage and mixed media. the top one is a book page with collage and mixed media.

James Halvorson_Primitive Mechanics_Art_Ink_Typewriting_Collage_Graphite_Vintage Paper_Dictionary_Drawing


Demi Portfolio #2

These six are all on Arches print paper. 32 x 28″. Some are oriented horizontal, some vertical. they are all acrylic paint and medium with graphite, conte, charcoal, and gouache.


2018 Portfolio

This portfolio of 20 images spans from 2015 to 2018, tracing my interest in text moving toward a generative visual aesthetic. Feel free to leave a note here or email to: visual(dot)progressions at gmail for details about materials, size, dates created or prices.

2017 Portfolio


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