James Halvorson Artist Statement

My work is an ongoing meditation on the construction of shared meanings while knowing that such understanding remains in flux. 

I use anachronistic materials that allude to scholarship and comment on hyper availability, collapsed time, flattened hierarchies, and deflated credibility.

I use traditional materials such as paper and canvas and like the counterpoint of those tactile materials presenting a clean, luminous digital look.

Meanings are contingent upon the interaction of the viewing community. 

My readings are integral to my studio practice. 

These mixed media paintings are iterative in nature. 

My preoccupation with text is an outgrowth of exploring the history of ideas. 

The qualities of text remain a central theme with its process of transference, fusion, and reorientation over time. 

Images and text are interchangeable and function as containers.

My sources are interpersonal and from scholarship and can be occupied with the notion of how a personal archive shapes our perceptions and interactions.

Recognizable images, text, and asemic characters remain open to foot notes and revision. 

I approach collage as a type of secular mid rash. 

James Halvorson January 2020